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has been operating in the market continuously since 1989. Its headquarters and central warehouse are located in Wrocław. Poltronic S.A specializes in import and distribution of modern electrotechnic and lighting products. We currently focus mainly on LED lighting, especially on innovative LED light sources and VRLA batteries. Many other electronic products are also part of our offer.

Since 2010 Poltronic S.A is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (NewConnect market).

We operate in Poland and in some selected European countries where we gradually build up our sales network and enlarge our client database. Our sales policy and product offer makes us a reliable and trusted business partner for our customers.

We work with distributors and wholesalers operating in electrotechnic and lighting market, as well as with design companies and companies involved in industry and service sector. Our sales team and sales advisors in our headquarters, mobile regional managers and sales representatives are all in place to support our customers.

Poltronic S.A carries on its own research on technology and quality of the products offered. Our research lab develops new products and examines existing prototypes. Our philosophy is to continuously improve our products, to focus on development and to use the latest technological solutions.

One of the keys to our success is a direct contact with Chinese manufacturers of our products. We are able to carefully select imported goods and to ensure quality control by supervising production and delivery processes thanks to our subsidiary in China.

All products in our portfolio have all necessary certificates and are in line with standards required by Polish and European Union law. Those goods which meet our technological and quality requirements are offered on the market with our own labels, namely NEXTEC and HPG. These brands are our marks of quality. This is our way to meet market demands for high quality products. As a result of our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry we provide reliable products which fulfill expectations of the most demanding customers. Carefully chosen components used for production as well as quality control process guarantee highest degree of reliability and repeatability.

NEXTEC and HPG brands are owned by Poltronic S.A. We currently brand such product groups as:

  • LED lamps,
  • LED strips (mono and RGB),
  • LED drivers and LED power supplies,
  • LED outdoor flood lights,
  • AGM batteries.










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